how to chose a forklift truck

There are many aspects to consider before buying a new forklift truck.

The first is the capacity:

      • You need to know the capacity as this is the amount of weight that it is able to lift, shown on the unit data plate.

      • The higher you are lifting a load the lower the capacity will become.

      • Before deciding, make sure you have a good enough idea of the sizes and weights you intend to lift if unsure, ask your dealer. You should have a good idea of the kinds of weights you intend to lift with the forklift beforehand anyway.

      • The more the unit can lift, the more expensive it is.

    The height:
    Similar to the capacity, you need to know how high you are going to be lifting any material and if you may encounter some height restrictions. For example, you might be working in a restricted area where the ceilings are low.

    Information and questions to consider in your application:

        • Make sure you ask yourself ‘What am I using this for and where is it being used?’

        • Consider your budget – can you afford the forklift? Are you compromising on quality because your budget doesn’t stretch? Are you better off getting a used forklift?

        • Consider the environment you are in as well, for safety precautions.


          • Attachment options are vast for a forklift; carton clamps, rotating clamps, marble clamps, side shifters etc.

          • Ask about attachments as these may add value to your unit. You may find you can negotiate a deal if you buy more than one attachment.

        Fuel options:

            • There are also multiple choices of fuel; electric-powered, LP gas, gasoline etc – your dealer can help you to determine this.

            • If operating inside an electric-powered forklift, although ideal it is also more expensive.

            • Heavy forklifts will require diesel – this has risen in cost lately – can you afford it?


              • Forklifts have a variety of tyre options. Cushion, air pneumatic and so on…

              • If you’re working indoors, then a smooth cushion tyre will suffice.

            Before making any serious repairs to your forklift consult your dealer first – even if the warranty has run out.

            Maintenance and Service:

                • Review this with your dealer.

                • Reputation: – It is highly recommended to choose a local forklift dealer – an established company in your area.

                • Quality: – Be sure you make the wisest investment possible by doing your research.

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