Safety 1st ForkLift Training

Safety 1st Forklift Training is a professional training provider, offering instruction and certification to operators in a wide range of industries, including Manufacturing, Warehousing, Distribution, Automotive, Lumber, Steel, Paper, Health Care, Bottling, and Food. We have been in operation since 2020, and pride ourselves on providing site-specific training that meets the needs of each individual client.

Our training programs are comprehensive and include classroom instruction, a pre-shift inspection of lift trucks, propane safety and cylinder exchange, and battery safety for electric lift truck operators. The classroom instruction is followed by a one-on-one evaluation of each experienced operator during their regular shift, in authentic plant and warehouse operating conditions.

Our theory course is designed to provide participants with a comprehensive introduction to the safe operation of motorized industrial trucks. We cover topics such as how the vehicles operate in relation to other machinery on site, how to operate them safely, how to maintain them to prevent breakdowns, how to recognize potential hazards, and how to manage risks associated with their use.

The one-on-one operator evaluation process is conducted by a certified instructor who will conduct a pre-shift inspection of the lift truck the trainee will be authorized to operate. The instructor will also conduct a propane safety training session on safe and correct cylinder handling, changing, and storing procedures. The evaluation includes assessments of the operator’s driving techniques with empty and loaded lift trucks, material handling skills, safe placement and retrieval of loads, and overall safety knowledge and awareness. Additionally, for electric lift trucks, operators are tested on safe battery inspection, handling, charging, and watering procedures.